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How It Works

The Simplest Way To Grow Your Practice Income & Increase Quality of Care

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Universal Patient Link Helps Increase Your Income

Without Needing to Acquire New Patients


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UPL Implementation

Deployment helps Improve patient care and reduces readmission rates by utilizing the easy-to-use RPM, CCM and BHI tools within the Universal Patient Link platform.

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CPT Code Documentation

Provides authenticated Medicare codes to (You) the healthcare provider for 100% allowable billings and charges.

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Medicare Reimbursement

Reimburses (You) the healthcare provider for non-face-to-face services in addition to your office-based E&M services resulting in increased income for your practice.

The Average Reimbursement When Using Universal Patient Link


A Month Per Patient

Results vary depending on level of usage.

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Easily integrate the platform in a few steps.


Work with a Care Specialist

Schedule a call and learn how UPL can benefit your practice and save you time.


Import Data

Import patient demographics to the Universal Patient Link platform.


See More, Treat More, Earn More!

Start utilizing non-face-to-face encounters to treat more patients.

What They Say

See how Universal Patient Link has helped doctors expand patient care and maximize insurance payouts.

Automated engagement, verified time audits, increased revenue on current patient load. UPL stands alone in its ability to enhance and automate patient care through RPM, CCM, COCCM, BHI, and TCM. There is also no one else to my knowledge maximizing CPT codes and revenue generation for your Medicare Fee-for-service patients.

Dr. James RichardsMD, MPH, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

UPL© is the employee you can never hire. We continue to see the significant reimbursements, minimal staff involvement, and most importantly the benefit to our Medicare patients who are now monitored more closely for their chronic conditions.

Cindy AndrewinOffice Manager, Manchester Medical Group PC

A big solution for healthcare, especially for patients who need multiple prescriptions. It gives an automated way to ensure good medication management.

Nicholas JauregiMedical Director, Wellness and Supportive Care Medical Group

Start Maximizing Your Medicare Reimbursements for Non-Face-To-Face Encounters

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