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Leading Non-Face-to-Face Encounter System

All-In-One RPM

Chronic Care & Behavior

Health Management Solutions

Increase patient benefits and improve quality of care.

  • RPM (Remote Patient Physiological & Therapeutic Monitoring)
  • Chronic Care 
  • Behavioral Health Management Solution
Doctor holding tablet

Universal Patient Link enhances your practice efficiency and continuity of care.

Doctor wearing gloves using tablet


Help your patients in real-time through secure Telehealth and Telemonitoring.


Provides documentation of appropriate CPT codes for Medicare Coverage.


Get notified through provider designated alerts when patients have medical issues at home or in their community.


Automate regular check-ins with your patients mental status and progress through authenticated questionnaires.

Deliver high quality patient care.

We know delivering high quality care is always the most important thing. Doing it in a way that is efficient and easy for both the doctor and the patient is a win-win.

Better Quality of Care

Improve patient care and compliance with safe, easy and cost-effective management.

young nurse giving care to older women

Chronic Care Management

Bridge continuity of care within your patient’s community by utilizing medication compliance devices.

female doctor on video call with patient and child

Remote Patient Monitoring

Safely and securely monitor patients vital signs and clinical status through video, phone and SMS text.

in home nurse taking patient's blood pressure

Transitional Care Management

Track patient progress as they move from hospital to home.

elderly asian couple using laptop computer

Behavioral Health Integration

Strengthen patients confidence to better manage their own healthcare needs.

Doctor wearing blue gloves holding tablet

Easily integrate the platform in a few steps.


Work with a Care Specialist

Schedule a call and learn how UPL can benefit your practice and save you time.


Import Data

Import patient demographics to the Universal Patient Link platform.


More Care, More Coverage, More Comprehensive!

Start utilizing non-face-to-face encounters to increase patient care.

What They Say

See how Universal Patient Link has helped doctors expand patient care and maximize patient benefits.

Automated engagement, verified time audits, increased revenue on current patient load. UPL stands alone in its ability to enhance and automate patient care through RPM, CCM, COCCM, BHI, and TCM.

Dr. James RichardsMD, MPH, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

UPL© is the employee you can never hire. We continue to see the significant reimbursements, minimal staff involvement, and most importantly the benefit to our Medicare patients who are now monitored more closely for their chronic conditions.

Cindy AndrewinOffice Manager, Manchester Medical Group PC

A big solution for healthcare, especially for patients who need multiple prescriptions. It gives an automated way to ensure good medication management.

Nicholas JauregiMedical Director, Wellness and Supportive Care Medical Group

Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Continuity of Care

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