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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How Universal Patient Link Can Benefit Your Practice

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How does the platform work?

The platform is cloud based which means it can be accessed from anywhere. Patients are required to take vitals 3x/week, complete health surveys, and track their medication usage as advised by you. If your patient is compliant, that information will be relayed in real-time letting you know what to focus on when they come for their next office visit.

How much time is involved in setting up the platform?

Very little of your time will be needed. There will be a preliminary meeting for a demo and to collect the data needed for an upload.  We recommend designating one of your front end office staff who we will train to run the platform.

Do I need to hire additional staff?

Typically this platform makes work more efficient and additional staff would not be needed. However, the platform enables better medical care and provides the detail needed to submit services for Medicare coverage.

How do I get patients to sign up?

There is no cost for patients to use the platform and they only receive better quality of care due to you having real-time data updates. There is no down side to you or your patients.

Is this easy for patients to use?

Yes, after initial compliance training patients find the platform easy to use. Patients are required to take vitals 3x/week, take surveys sent by doctor, and track their medication usage as advised by (You) the doctor.

How does this platform keep me compliant?

The platform is a secure HIPAA compliant patient portal allowing for real-time data collection and reporting with 24/7/365 access and availability.

What information do I need to provide to get started?

We will need to know what type of physician you are and your location.

Do I need to apply to any programs to qualify for Medicare coverage?

No. Our high level code training will set you up to bill medicare properly for non-face-to-face and extended chronic care management services as an addition to your office-based E&M services.

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Easily integrate the platform in a few steps.


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Import Data

Import patient demographics to the Universal Patient Link platform.


More Care, More Coverage, More Comprehensive!

Start utilizing non-face-to-face encounters to increase patient care.

What They Say

See how Universal Patient Link has helped doctors expand patient care and maximize patient benefits.

Automated engagement, verified time audits, increased revenue on current patient load. UPL stands alone in its ability to enhance and automate patient care through RPM, CCM, COCCM, BHI, and TCM.

Dr. James RichardsMD, MPH, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

UPL© is the employee you can never hire. We continue to see the significant reimbursements, minimal staff involvement, and most importantly the benefit to our Medicare patients who are now monitored more closely for their chronic conditions.

Cindy AndrewinOffice Manager, Manchester Medical Group PC

A big solution for healthcare, especially for patients who need multiple prescriptions. It gives an automated way to ensure good medication management.

Nicholas JauregiMedical Director, Wellness and Supportive Care Medical Group

Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Continuity of Care

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